It wasn’t anything that was well planned out.  Not anything I was expecting to happen.  It was a straight spontaneous trip to visit my good friend Dinah who had decided to travel to Belize.  Her original plan was to travel through out Central America and then she did some research on an island in Belize.  She rented a place on this beautiful, small island called Caye Caulker.  When I say small, I mean 5 miles long and less than a mile wide small. No cars, only golf carts for the business owners or bikes for those who can afford them small. Population of about 1300 people small.  But in such a small place lies SUCH LARGE BEAUTY.  Within the people, the food, the music, the scenery, the vybz all together were just UNBELIZEABLE.  Dinah was suppose to only be there for one month and four months later I was begging her to come home.  Many of our friends made it out there to visit while she stayed on the island and every single one of us extended our trips and had a hard time leaving.  I not only stayed on Caye Caulker, but I also was able to travel to Belize City, took a taxi from there to San Ignacio, cave explored there, saw some Mayan ruins, rode the bus back through Belmopan, and even water taxi’d to San Pedro for an overnight trip.  The impression left on my heart and yes I said heart was LOVE.  I fell in love with this diverse Country.  Belize has 12 ethnic groups.  The major groups are Mestizo, Creole, Mayan, Garifuna, and Mennonite.  The Mestizo are mixed Spanisha and Mayan descendants of the Yucatec Maya and came to Belize by way of the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico in 1847 to escape the La Guerrera De Castas (the Caste War).  The Creole are a mix of the British and the African slaves brought to Belize in Eighteenth Century.  The Mayans of Belize date back to 2500 B.C. Their are many beautiful ruins, ceremonial grounds, and an over all powerful existence of the Mayans now.  The Garifuna  are Carib and Arawak Natives that mixed with escaped Africans from 2 slave ships that sank in Caribbean in the 17th Century.  And the most shocking to me, the 30,000 Mennonites.  The Mennonites are originally from Germany and Russia but came to Belize through Mexico and now handle most of Belize’s agriculture.  They dress like Amish and make furniture as well.  There also is a large amount of Chinese people in Belize.  I noticed most all the grocery stores that I shopped in were China markets.  I also ate amazing Chinese food on Caye Caulker.  All together, my trip made me want to work hard enough to be able to buy property out there so when the time is right, I can enjoy 3 months out of my year there.  Belize has instantly become a home away from home for me.  I love Caribbean culture and reggae music and everywhere I went, I heard it.  I also found a new love in their native Punta music.  Everyone speaks a dialect of English that they call Creole.  It is extremely similar to patois, so similar that I didn’t know there even was a difference.  I listen to so much dancehall, I had no problem understanding anyone.  Well, maybe the Chinese people.  (lol, sorry but truth)  I encourage folks to not only travel, but visit Belize.  You too will be in awe that such a place exists.  Here are some of my pictures of my journey.  Enjoy!!!

My very first MAWNIN I was greeted with "welcome to Belize, I brought you some fresh fish!" From a complete stranger to me, but one of Dinah's fishermen friends.


Our personal Fishermen Cannon


Dinah in appreciation. FULL appreciation! LOL

My car Dinah rented for me...so fitting!


lee Belizean gyal


The kick it spot on Caye Caulker with wireless internet


The Split is another daily spot where you will hear reggae music blasting while folks chill and drink in the water or grab a bite to eat.


Umm, I feel there is a subliminal message here???


My residence on Caye Caulker...Home away from home!


The "home away from home" that I plan to some day build.


Inside of Herbal Tribe...love the seats in the bars being swings!




Now...why wouldn't I want to live here?


Sexi ass sunsets


The clouds come in, but still no need for a sweater.


So romantic!


Caye Caulker is miles away from the barrier reef, just had to snorkel. Raggmuffin Tours is the way to go.


And I'm in...see how shallow it is!


Come here fishy fishy!


Ahhh, sea turtle!


Brain coral...natural piece of art.


Yes those are nurse sharks and yes they did just tell us to jump in and not to worry!


Did he just flip the shark over for me to rub it's belly?


Just smoked one on a dock after a nice bike ride from one end of Caye Caulker to the other.


Must be a hotel on Caye Caulker, I just loved the yellowness!


Our evenings out always started at I & I Bar.


Just as we go to walk outside to smoke one...PFFFT, umm yeah sure!


Overall goodness brought to me by Leon Love!


I steered the boat...it's nothin!


Dinah, is it bright enough?


As I looked off the boat to the left, the moon was rising!


As I looked off the boat to the right, the sun was setting! WOW


Caye Caulker Motto = GO SLOW!


Cahal Pech Mayan ruins in San Ignacio, Cayo District.


Hallway from one end....


Hallway from other end! Notice how the Mayans were so precise that they built their structures in ways to light them with the sun naturally.


The Cahal Pech resort. The farmland in the distance is where the Mennonite's reside.


Just some homes so you can see how folks live in Belize.


So lush, so green!


On the drive to our cave adventure.


Imagine this being your back yard?


I must write a little intro to the next few pictures because this has got to be one of the most adventurous things I have ever done.  Dinah and I decided to do what they call the ATM tour.  Actun Tunichil Muknal, “the Crystal Maiden”, cave is named after a 16 year old females skeleton that lays untouched.  The cave was Mayan ceremonial grounds dating back to over 2,000 years ago.  I wasn’t too sure what I was getting myself into except for the fact that we needed to wear fast drying clothes, tennis shoes, and be prepared to be gone all day.  We show up and our tour guide Renan and 4 others jump in a truck, stop at a house to pick up our home made lunches, and drove about 45 minutes out of San Ignacio.  I fully enjoyed the drive, the tree farms we saw were gorgeous.  Once we arrived into this little parking lot, we were given helmets and backpacks with our lunches and we hiked about a mile and a half  to cool little spot to eat our lunches at the mouth of the cave.  We eat, it was delicious and nice to meet the others we were adventuring with.  Then it was time to do what?  Jump in the water???  Yup, we had to hike, swim, climb, crawl, scale the cave walls, etc.  It was so freakin cool.  We all had helmets with dim personal lights so it was pitch black.  When Renan would stop to educate us, he would turn on his flashlight and I saw the BIGGEST spiders, bats, fish, etc.  I never felt scared…..I felt like a real Archeologist.  Being that I am a daughter of a Geologist, I loved the rock formations.  The Mayans believed this to be the “Tree of Life” and they would bring in ceramic pots to give offerings to their ancestors.  Their were also many bones and body parts in what could’ve been sacrifices.  Let me not keep rambling, my pictures will say so much more.

Our lunch location...so serene!


Check the shape of the entrance to the cave. SEXI


Dinah and I were so geeked out by this tour!


When we knew this was some real ish! "Dinah, do you see that? Who is that?" "I don't know Yassi???" LOL


Clay pots used in ceremonies. How they got these big things in here amazes me.


What did he do to get here? By the position of his bones, he had his hands and feet tied together.


Water dripping forms these from the ground up and ceiling down.


Must wear socks so our oils in our feet don't damage the well preserved cave.


Watch your head...hence the reason for helmets.


Renan with all of our cameras and things in his waterproof bag.


There she is "the Crystal Maiden" herself.


The top of her temple stayed white because it never went under the water when the river ran through this cave. THATS DEEP FOLKS!


My good friend is a BIG artist in Belize and I was SO happy while riding the bus and seeing this. Go Indio!




AHH, my last night watching the sunset from on top of the Split.


just gorgeous


Me and Jules our Australian friend who also got stuck on Caye Caulker. It just happens.


The ONLY bad thing about Belize...the effin sand flys. YUCK!


Yeah yeah, I was itching for about a month after and when I say itchy, that’s an understatement but not even these bites or those damn flys would stop me from wanting to go back ASAP.  I miss Belize everyday and I’ve been home for 4 months now.  I am SO blessed to have experienced all this.  Life is too sweet!




I'm flying HIIIIGH!

I'm flying HIIIIGH!



Sunset beach is named this for a reason.  See Catalina in the distance.

Sunset beach is named this for a reason. See Catalina in the distance.

God's creations just "ohh wee wee wow me!"

God's creations just "ohh wee wee wow me!"


In the parking lot as I was getting off of work!

In the parking lot as I was getting off of work!

My “Operating System” is UP and RUNNING!

l_28f54be8603df212a77c6b0ff370e314At the age of 29 I feel I have some things to share with those who are meant to read or see it. I like to write and enjoy photography even more so I will be using a combination of both to intrigue those who are suppose to better overstand my “operating system”. I must say that I am very opinionated and sometimes stubborn too. I say this because more times than not, I choose to release through writing under times of trials and tribulations. So if I am venting and happen to say something that offends anyone…well, then that’s just what’s suppose to happen at that time. Please look into my intent, I stay having good intentions. I also am going to do my best to write more when I am not being faced with adversity even though I am thankful in all times. With that being said, may your journey along with mine be enjoyed fully! GIVE THANKS and GOD BLESS!!!